Because You’ll Never Meet Me – Leah Thomas – REVIEW


Yay! My first review is here!

Now be aware, I am not articulate, I am not a dictionary BUT I can tell you if this book is good or not, and that’s all that really matters, now isn’t it? 😉

So I went into this book completely blind. I knew nothing about it, other than that the cover was pretty (I really must stop judging a book by it’s cover). I was so surprised by this book, in the best possible way. The characters were endearing and witty, the writing flowed wonderfully, and the plot just flew by. This book is told in letter form from two young boys who are sat across the world from each other.

Ollie is allergic to electricity (as he likes to put it) and Mo has a pace maker. These two boys can never meet.

This story is about friendship and science, love and mystery. Its wonderful and I gave it 5/5, a brilliant debut novel from Leah Thomas.

Well done! You go Leah Thomas!


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