TW5: Things On My Bookshelf That Are Not Books

My first ever Top Five Wedneday! Yay! As I’m sure everyone knows, Top Five Wednesday was created by GingerReadsLainey over on YouTube. You can check out the Goodreads page here with all the info you need.

This weeks topic is things that are not books on your book shelf. I had a look round and (tried) to take some pretty pictures of what I have lying around my bookshelf. So here we go!

First up, I have this little artificial flower that I got from Wilkinsons. I think it’s dead cute and matches other home decor stuff I have in my room.
Next I have this little guitar shaped bottle opener. One of my brothers gave me this when I went off to University to study music. It’s just a nice little addition to my bookshelf, and I always know where it is when I need it.How cute is this pig?! It’s just a miniature glass pig I picked up when I was in Scotland when I was like 13 years old. It just sits on top on my books looking pretty.

This is a stack of business cards I have acquired over many, many years. Whenever I see one, I have to pick it up and take it, it’s like a compulsion. I use these as my bookmarks, and I think they make pretty decent bookmarks. And lastly! This is Chanel soap. I was given this as a gift on my 18th birthday and I just can’t justify using it! It’s expensive soap and looks so much better decorating my shelf. It smells amazing and I will use it at some point… just not yet 🙂

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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